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GED Preparation & Testing

About the GED

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Who’s is Eligible?

Who is the GED Administrator™ in Ontario?

GED Preparation

What will GED candidates learn?
Understanding Scores

What score do I need to pass the test?

You need to receive 450 on each of the five test subjects to earn your credential.

What do my scores mean?

Your official GED® transcript contains two sets of numbers: standard scores and percentile ranks. The standard scores make it possible to compare scores across tests and test forms. This is necessary because some tests contain a different number of questions and there are many forms of the GED® test in circulation, all of them of equal difficulty. The percentile rank makes it possible to compare your performance on each one of the tests with the performance of graduating high school seniors. The higher the percentile rank, the better your performance.

Test Subjects

The GED® test is made up of 5 subjects, broken into separate exams. If you take the test on computer, you don’t have to take all 5 tests at once. Instead, you can space them out however it suits you and go at your own pace.

Click on the Test Subjects link to learn more each subject area. 

GED Testing

Pathways offers GED Testing online through PearsonVue Testing.
GED® testing

GED® testing takes seven hours and five minutes, and is run over a two-day period, usually a Friday evening and all day Saturday.  

The GED® Testing Program compares your performance on the tests to the results of Grade 12 students on the same tests. The tests are designed to assess the skills and knowledge people are expected to retain from high school, especially the abilities to reason, put together information, and draw conclusions.

You must obtain a standard score of at least 450 on each of the five GED® tests to earn your Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate.

What to Expect on Test Day

Will I have access to a calculator on test day?

The testing center will provide you with the Casio FX260 handheld calculator on part of the GED® Mathematics Test.

What can I bring into the testing room?

You will be given an erasable note board and marker to take into the testing room. You can also bring a physical calculator – the Casio FX260 model to the test center on test day.

You will need to check with your jurisdiction for specific requirements in terms of what to bring to the testing center. Cell phones are strictly forbidden in the testing room.

TIP: Make sure you know where the testing center is and arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled GED® test appointment. You will need to check in when you get there. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, you may not be admitted and may lose your test fee.

Can I take a break during the test?

When you schedule more than one subject in the same day, you will automatically be given a ten-minute break in between tests. Unscheduled breaks are not allowed and your test will not be scored if you leave the room during an unscheduled break. During scheduled breaks and lunches, you may access your personal items. If you need to leave the room, have questions about the test, or are experiencing problems with your computer, raise your hand and notify the test administrator.